Current Course Offerings

Course Schedules

Please see in WIN for the current course offerings.

Typical Schedules

For the BA in economics the following schedule is typical:

*It is recommended that Econ 209 be taken after either Econ 205 or Econ 207

*Economics/Math Economics majors interested in pursuing Honors should complete Econ 209/Econ 215 in their junior year

First Year Sophomore Junior* Senior
Lower Division requirements;
ECN 150; MTH 111
STA 111; ECN 205 or ECN 207 ECN 205 or ECN 207,
ECN 206, ECN 209 and elective(s)
Remaining electives in economics

Ideally take ECN 205 and/or ECN 207 in your sophomore year but realistically this may not be possible.  Taking ECN 205 and ECN 207 in your junior year is fine.
STA 111 (previously MTH 109) is a pre-req for ECN 209. MTH 111 is a pre-req for ECN 205 and ECN 207

*It is expected that economics majors will complete the intermediate theory sequences in their junior year.



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