April News Round Up

  • Economics professor Robert Whaples joined the Smarter Solutions podcast hosted by editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Feifer, to discuss the four-day work week. jasonfeifer.com
  • Professors Koleman Strumpf and Tommy Leung’s working paper on the New York Times was cited in a Citizens Journal article by Oscar Garcia.
    Wake Forest researchers, relying on data from Ground News’ Blindspotter tool, concluded that The New York Times is more apt to change headlines on stories that elicit strongly partisan reactions. Economics professors Koleman S. Strumpf and Tin Cheuk Leung found no ideological reasons for the paper of record’s online headline revisions, attributing them to The Times’ desire to attract repeat viewers.
  • Professor Todd McFall was quoted in this article: Will gas prices drop with release of strategic reserve? Not in the long run By Lauren Coleman | WFMY-TV (Greensboro, NC)
“Anytime you can have a little increase in supply, prices are going to fall. It’s going to help households become a little more comfortable with their budgets, but at the end of the day we just need more petroleum out there, and given the bottleneck we see from the conflict in Ukraine it’s not going to happen,” said economics professor Todd McFall.