ECN Major Kevin Closs selected by ZSR Committee for Library Showcase

Kevin Closs has been selected to present his honors thesis at this year’s ZSR Library Showcase.
His research is entitled “Determinants of Post-Education Success: An Examination of School, Human Capital, Social Capital, and Cultural Capital” and explores whether a student’s success in adulthood is more influence by K-12 schooling or by social upbringing.  Using approximately 3,700 observations from the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002, this study measures the efficacy of homework, hard work, and schooling in general. Though the answer is nuanced, it appears as if inherited social and cultural capital is more indicative of success after finishing high school than is being a disciplined student.  That being said, deliberate investment in human capital can improve one’s social standing and has a noted positive impact on academic and professional achievement.  This research was conducted under the direction of Dr. Amanda Griffith and Dr. Christina Dalton.