Economics Majors, Kyle Tatich and Ben Wojnar present essays at Senior Orations

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 5:00 pm, Pugh Auditorium
Join members of the WFU community as ten of the university’s best and brightest graduating seniors present their essays. Three of the seniors will be chosen to present at Founders’ Day Convocation, with the top orator presenting at the Honors and Awards Ceremony in May. The ten semifinalists are:

  • Clay Hamilton (Music in Liberal Arts major): Sing Thee Our Humble Lays
  • Hannah Hulshult (Sociology major): Finding Yourself through Service 
  • Betsy Mann (Business Enterprise Management major): The Best Four 
  • Suzanne Mullins (Environmental Studies major): Beyond [Clock] Face Value 
  • Rose O’Brien (Politics and International Affairs major): The Value of Self-Awareness 
  • Anna Pugh (Studio Art major): Paint Humanitate 
  • Erin Stephens (Communication major): Looking Up in a World That’s Looking Down 
  • Kyle Tatich (Economics & Politics and International Affairs double major): Learning “The Essence of Wake Forest”
  • Allison Thompson (Communication major): Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
  • Ben Wojnar (Economics major): Exit Hack, Enter Scholar