February News Round Up

Faculty and Department News

  • Professor Tommy Leung was invited to contribute to a blog post about his recent publication, “Globalization and the Rise of Action Movies in Hollywood”, in the Journal of Cultural Economics for economiststalkart.org. Here’s theĀ link to the blog post.
  • Econ alum Griffin Kurzius (’15) and Michael Zavagno (’15) talk about their fantasy football start up TopProp Fantasy Sports:

Fun for Real

  • Professor Todd McFall appeared in a WFMYNews2 (Greensboro) article “What’s fueling the price hike at the pump?” Watch here.
    “Everything is just so fragile right now and weather or geopolitics or whatever can really disturb things in ways that we’ve never really experienced,” said economics professor Todd McFall.
  • Professor Todd McFall was featured in WalletHub’s recent study about Super Bowl Fun Facts. Read more here.
  • Professor Jac Heckelman was named an Honorary VP of the Korean Public Choice Society.
  • Professor Robert Whaples commented on the penny being phased out in a Market Realist article here.
    He said “Right now, with the coin shortage, is a good opportunity to seize the issue.”
  • Professor Todd McFall contributed to a WFMY-TV (Greensboro, NC) article about mortgage rates here.
    “In the next six months, I would be surprised to see conditions in the housing market look like they do now because of credit market tightening. The demand’s just going to dry up because there’s a fixed number of people looking for those units.”