Jac C. Heckelman and Nicholas R. Miller, editors, publish “Handbook of Social Choice and Voting” (Edward Elgar) Dec 2015

This handbook provides an overview of interdisciplinary research related to social choice and voting that is intended for a broad audience.  Expert contributors from various fields present critical summaries of the existing literature, including intuitive explanations of technical terminology and well-know theorems, suggesting new directions for research.

Each chapter presents an expository primer on a particular topic or theme within social choice, with the aim of making the material fully accessible to students and scholars in economics, political science, mathematics, philosophy, law and other fields of study.  Topics covered include preference aggregation, voting rules, spatial models, methodology and empirical applications.

Scholars, graduate students and even advance undergraduates in a variety of disciplines will find this introductory and relatively non-technical book an indispensable addition to the field.