March News Round Up

Faculty and Department News

  • “Its a Great Time to Hoard Nickels”. Professor Robert Whaples was quoted in an Atlantic article about how the Ukraine crises has led to nickel hoarding in the U.S. 
  • “Will Machines Replace Human Workers?” Professor Mark Curtis participated in a Q&A with Wake Forest News. He shares that “Education plays a key role in ensuring that workers have skills needed to make transitions throughout their careers. The ability to communicate with others and creative thinking will always be in demand”. Read the interview with Kim McGrath and Chris Amaral (’23) here.
  • “Triad Gas Prices Surge for Drivers”. Professor Robert Whaples contributed to a piece by reporter Justin Shrair from WXII-TV. “We are not letting Russia supply as much oil to the world market anymore and counties are afraid if they do business with Russia that the U.S. and other big countries are going to put sanctions on them”. Watch here.