Public Talk by Dr. Todd McFall – ZSR Library Lecture Series – “The NCAA Faces Steep Trade-Offs from Its Governance Decisions”

Wednesday January 31st 2018 
4-5 p.m.
ZSR Library Auditorium 404

Dr. Todd McFall is an economist and author specializing in sports and economics who teaches at Wake Forest University in the Department of Economics. He will discuss his controversial book, The (Peculiar) Economics of NCAA Basketball. The NCAA has decided to organize its revenue-generating sports, men’s basketball and football, around particular governance principles that have forced the organization to reconcile steep economic and legal trade offs. By choosing to cap athlete compensation, the NCAA is not only having to defend its practices to the US judicial system, but it also gives up its ability to defend itself against rival leagues who might want to bid away elite players from NCAA members. The NCAA collects 90% of its operating revenue from men’s basketball, so the ramifications of the NCAA operating in a non-optimal manner are widespread and meaningful to college-level athletics and universities as a whole.

In keeping with the topic of this book, this lecture will take place on the same day as a home basketball game at 8:00 against Florida State.

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