Student Spotlight – Beatrice Boylan

Beatrice Boylan Head Shot

Beatrice Boylan (’19) is an Economics major and Entrepreneurship minor. She took AP Macro in high school, and truly appreciated the idea of solving problems in order to analyse an individual’s behavior. After taking Introduction to Economics with Dr. Whaples and Microeconomics I with Dr. McFall, she fell in love with the social science. Since then, her Family Economics class with Professor Sinanovic this past semester has focused her interest to the field of Behavioral Economics. One of her favorite sayings, “Do the ends justify the means” perfectly encapsulates the essence of Behavioral Economics. During this summer of 2018, she is studying the life of Joseph Schumpeter in Vienna with Dr. John Dalton. One of Schumpeter’s greatest contributions was highlighting the power and passion of the innovator, which ties in perfectly to her studies of entrepreneurship. On campus, she has been a member of the Cross Country and Track and Field team for the last three years, and on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for the last two years. She is looking forward to graduating a semester early, and putting her degree to work.