Student Spotlight – Hunter Hale

Hunter Hale (’18) is a double major in Mathematical Statistics and Economics.  He began to consider studying economics prior to coming to Wake Forest and discovered a deeper interest for it after taking an introductory course with Dr Heckelman and Intermediate Macroeconomics with Dr. Wood.  Soon after taking courses at Wake Forest he began to enjoy the wide-ranging application of economics and put them into practice outside of the classroom.  As a member of one of Wake Forest’s COMAP teams, he introduced an economic perspective that, combined with his teammates’ science backgrounds, helped them earn the distinction of meritorious winner for their model of water scarcity.  He also participates as a member of Wake Forest’s Fed Challenge Team where he and his teammates examine monetary policy in further depth.  Due to his experiences within and outside of the classroom, he is particularly interested in monetary policy, environmental economics, and the economics of healthcare. After graduation, Hunter plans to pursue graduate studies in statistics, and later, a career as a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry or in a field of economic analysis.