Welcome to the Economics Department!

Economics is about understanding the behavior of people. In particular, economics seeks to address how the world can be understood based on the incentives that various economic agents face. In practice, the study of economics involves using both conceptual and empirical tools to examine how people make choices. This theoretical and data work is, in turn, crucial in informing policymakers how to make their decisions.



Our majors gain strong quantitative skills through their courses and end up working in a vast array of professions: consulting, healthcare, banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, and real estate, to name a few, while others find careers in non-profit and public sectors. We also send our students to graduate school in law, business, economics, or public policy to name a few. 


Our majors also tend to have substantial earning power based on their economics degree. According to the Wall Street Journal’s “Degrees That Pay You Back” data, economics majors have the highest mid-career median salary of any non-engineering major.


So, please come visit us in the department and talk to our many faculty about your future major in economics!


February 18, 2023

February News Round Up

By Joanna Hamilton

Biden claims green-job surge in State of the Union

By Rachel Koning Beals | Morningstar

Wind and solar jobs tend to offer higher pay than many industries, and the jobs – like those drilling and processing oil and gas, or maintaining…

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January 24, 2023

January News Round Up

By Joanna Hamilton
News from Dr. Tina Marsh Dalton
Dr. Tina Marsh Dalton has published two general audience articles. They are in Discourse Magazine, related to the issues discussed in her publication with economics alumna Grace Lyons (’22).  
The first one is called “ Read More