Welcome to the Economics Department

Economics is about understanding the behavior of people. In particular, economics seeks to address how the world can be understood based on the incentives that various economic agents face. In practice, the study of economics involves using both conceptual and empirical tools to examine how people make choices. This theoretical and data work is, in turn, crucial in informing policymakers how to make their decisions.

Our majors gain strong quantitative skills through their courses and end up working in a vast array of professions: consulting, healthcare, banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, and real estate, to name a few, while others find careers in non-profit and public sectors. We also send our students to graduate school in law, business, economics, or public policy to name a few. 

Our majors also tend to have substantial earning power based on their economics degree. According to the Wall Street Journal’s “Degrees That Pay You Back” data, economics majors have the highest mid-career median salary of any non-engineering major.

So, please come visit us in the department and talk to our many faculty about your future major in economics!


  • New study shows North Carolina rail’s economic impact
    new report breaks down the impact of North Carolina’s rail system on the state’s economy. The North Carolina Department of Transportation study, produced in partnership with the Institute for Transportation Research and Education, looks at annual contributions from rail sectors including freight, tourism, and construction. All told, the industry […]
  • Changes In Inflation By City
    “While there is uncertainty about how effective interest rates are, there is consensus among economists that raising interest rates does lower inflation somewhat. However, interest rates are a blunt tool and rising interest rates can have widely varying impacts on households and businesses depending on their financial situation. For example, someone who wants to buy […]
  • How one tech startup aims to disrupt the market for illegal rhino horns
    “That’s exactly what I’m talking about in terms of creating confusion in the market for rhino horns using the synthetic horns,” said economics professor Fred Chen, who shared that the confusion caused by synthetic rhino horns could bring the value of the real horns down. “Or maybe if I do decide to buy something because […]
  • Could fake horns end illegal rhino poaching?
    In business, the million-dollar question is how to get people to buy stuff. But in wildlife conservation, the challenge is: how do we get people to not buy stuff? How do we bring down demand for fur, ivory and rhino horns? Today on the show, the story of a business trying to make lab-grown rhino horns and […]


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There are no events at this time. Please check back later.