News from Dr. Tina Marsh Dalton

Dr. Tina Marsh Dalton has published two general audience articles. They are in Discourse Magazine, related to the issues discussed in her publication with economics alumna Grace Lyons (’22).  

The first one is called “Out of the Pandemic Mud” about the strengths of the public and private sector when faced with challenges such as those from a pandemic.

The second is called “Information vs. Implementation” about how to best use the CDC given the nature of information and policy approaches for controlling a pandemic, with particular attention to current issues in Monkeypox.

The Why

By Lauren Magarino | Scripps News

Economics professor Robert Whaples is interviewed on “The Why” to discuss the penny and why it should be eliminated. “The point of coins, the point of money is to facilitate commerce. We need something that’ll make transactions with each other easier, and the penny no longer fills that role because it is worth so little,” he said.