College Fed Challenge Team

This can also be a 1.5 credit hour course, ECN 292, preparing students to compete in the annual College Fed Challenge competition. Students discuss the state of macroeconomics, with a particular focus on monetary policy. For the competition, which takes place in the Fall, students will give a presentation displaying their knowledge of the current state of the economy and advocating the policy actions that they think should be taken by the Federal Open Market Committee. The 1.5 hours of academic credit are awarded in the fall semester, but to qualify students must have been active members of the Fed Challenge team in the preceding Spring (a commitment of one hour per week). The class is taken pass/fail only with permission of instructor.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Sandeep Mazumder –


Society of Economics Students:

Student Contact: James Lee –

Faculty Contact: Dr. Fran Flanagan –

WFU Sports Analytics: 

The Wake Forest Sports Analytics Club strives to research the economic, strategic, and social impact of sports. We are a group of dedicated undergraduate students that investigate data and evidence to evaluate a wide range of topics in sports. 

Organization website:

Student Contact: Sam Denomme –

Faculty Contact: Dr. Todd McFall –

Women in Economics:

The Women in Economics Club works to increase the representation of women in Economics.  Group meetings include career-oriented events, forums on how to use the degree most efficiently, talks with WFU alums, and current Wake Forest faculty.  There is also peer mentoring available for lower-division students interested in Economics.

Student Contact: Lauren Brown –

Faculty Contact: Dr. Amanda Griffith –



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